It is that time of year again when we gather together to enjoy each other’s company surrounded by brightly wrapped packages! Have you ever thought who started this crazy idea of wrapping a gift? Of course, after wrapping a few packages you might think about it! Gift wrapping goes back to 100AD in China and it owes a great deal to the invention of paper (something we are thankful happened). Wrapping was simple until the Brits and the Americans took the artistry to a different level! In 1917 due to a store running out of the traditional gift dressing found in white, green or red – a quick substitute was put together by taking French envelope liners and using that to wrap the gifts. The public loved the look and it created a demand setting the Kansas City brothers Joyce Clyde Hall and his brother Rollie to start creating their own wrapping paper! Thank goodness they did, or we would not have a Hallmark Card shop to visit today! Could wrapping paper get any bigger than that? Well, the answer is yes – when Scotch tape was invented in the 1940s. It made wrapping a package a breeze! Today, creating your own wrapping paper might seem like a big deal, but if you have a vision we have a solution! Just call one of our team members – we will help you get ready for the holidays or any day! Please enjoy this time with family and friends! We wish you a happy holiday season and a safe and amazing 2019!