For over fifty years our team has supported several organizations close to our hearts. We know how tough it is to go out and raise funds for nonprofits on tight budgets, but we are here to help. With our equipment, like the HP Indigo, we can help your organization by listening to the trends and accommodating your budget to reach your current/potential donors and supporters. Here are some things to consider when you are doing your next mailing:

  • Test Your Mailer: Have you ever sat around the conference table and come up with (what you thought) was a great idea for a direct mailer, created it and sent it out and the results were just ho-hum? Why not test your mailer(s) before you send it out to your entire list? Our team can take one, two, three, four or more mailing ideas and do a sample mailing to see what mailer does better. Think of it as the A-B testing of direct mail. By doing this step in your process, you will increase your return and maybe learn a little something about your target market. Our team can switch images, words, type of stock – let us help get your mailer ready for the last push of the season!
  • Siimplify Your Message: K.I.S.S. Yes, Keep It Simple Silly! When you make the goal of your nonprofit as simple and easy to understand as possible, potential donors will feel more comfortable contributing. Complex language, technical jargon and other highly specific messages alienate readers. Target your direct mail campaign with added personalization, talking right to the donor and their “hot buttons”. Pull on their heartstrings with what you know about the donor and potential donor – it will make them stop and listen to your message. Our digital printing team can take your database and incorporate variable data to any project, pulling in different graphics or photos and words. This will help you increase your rate of return on your “ask” about 4-11% if done right.

So, why don’t you let our team of personalized mailers help your nonprofit organization develop a direct mail solution to overcome the challenges you are facing and help you increase your reach and return to prospective and existing donors and partners with a piece that speaks to them directly? Call us we are here to help.