Well, we are half way through 2018 and the predictions on mailing have been right on – personalization is KEY. As you know, as marketers we want to create engagement and personalized campaigns to increase our rate of return and investment in doing a direct mailer. With our added capacity in digital, we have seen a steady increase in personalization – not only by variable data but in the stocks, colors, and finishing that is being used to catch the customer’s attention and engage them to “do something” with the piece (call, get on a website, download an APP). According to Carlson’s 1-1 Response Rate Report static mail has an average response rate of 3.2% versus the average for personalized mail: 12.3%. As we work to incorporate print and digital campaigns and give the end-user experienced based marketing pieces – think about personalized direct mail and campaigns. AND if you want to know how to get started – talk to our team! We have created them for companies big and small!