It’s summer and as the temperature rises, so to do pressures from your workplace, family and friends.  During this time, Dan (Compton’s President) would tell you the best recipe for relieving stress would be to get outside and golf. Of course, what can be less stressful than golfing? Or for some of us even more stressful than golfing? In the spirit of July 20th – Getting To Know Your Customers Day – we reached out to ours and asked them… “What do you do to stay cool and calm amid life’s crazy and stressful situations?” Their answers were interesting and we thought we would share them with you!

  • Put Your Phone Down. Don’t get online and start ranting about a problem or a situation. Breathe. Settle down and give it some time – you might realize it wasn’t as big as a deal as you thought it was in your mind.
  • Set The Mood. Chill all year long by setting the mood and turning up the tunes in your office and car. Singing on the way to work and on the way, home makes a day begin and end with happiness.
  • Get some me, myself and I time… and mean it! Take time to golf, be outside, hang with family and friends and turn off your stress meter. Also, get enough sleep, hydrate and try something different than coffee to start your day? How about a walk outside?
  • Distract yourself with laughter. There is nothing that chills the soul than some gut wrenching, laugh out loud belly laughs. Those make any stressful situation or mood fly out the window.
  • Run Away. Take a day off from work. Or from obligations. Just be a kid for a day or even a few hours. It will help.
  • Stressed About A Big Event? Need to present to the boss. Pitch a new client. Have the 4th of July BBQ? Don’t worry about it, run through it in your mind and do a rehearsal so you think of every question, scenario, menu – it will make you feel more prepped and ready to go.
  • Listen.

We want to thank our amazing customers, employees and friends for the responses – YOU make us less stressful!