In such a digital age where we can find answers in 4 seconds, text to get a pizza, take pictures of our checks and not walk into a bank – it makes our lives a bit isolated. So how can we get inspired when we have so much at our fingertips? I was thinking about this the other day and asked some folks around Compton, where do you find your inspiration – and the list and suggestions were as differing as our team! Here is what they explained:

  • Think! Listen to your thoughts and write it down. Everything can be inspiration. By looking around, you ask yourself questions – why did the waitress bringing me my coffee start working at this restaurant? Does the man in the next booth always wear strips and plaid when going out? Even the most mundane things can lead to a great story or concept.
  • Remember the past. Drag out the old yearbook, pull out those old photos, tell stories – one memory can lead you down a road to a lot of inspiration.
  • Travel! Get involved with other cultures and places. Always inspiring! According to some – a beach, the sand and good sunset will inspire EVERY TIME!
  • Read and listen… put on some new music, read a new book – be bold go outside your comfort zone – in fact, you might just like opera.
  • Dare! Don’t play it safe – go out on a limb. Do something you have not done before and GO FOR IT!

For me, I like interaction… I love sitting with people and just asking the question. I find working with a creative team helps inspire me each day and also gives me answers and solutions.