Our Team


Dan Michaels


Married to Michelle, daughter of founder Don Cowlin.

3 children, Brian, Eric and Chelsea.

Been at Compton since 1980.

Enjoys camping, golfing, casinos, scotch, and cigars. He’s basically our Ron Burgundy.

cellCall Dan at 248-388-2213


Jeff Gulian


Married to Ann.

3 Children, Kate, Judie, and Gabe.

Came to Compton in 2007.

Classic car collector.

Enjoys camping, golf, casinos, scotch, and cigars. Basically our happy-go-lucky Ron Burgundy.

cell Call Jeff at 248-350-6568


Brian Michaels

Production Manager

Marrying Megan in Sept. ’17.

No children, just rescue dogs.

3rd generation printer, grandson of founder Don Cowlin.

Enjoys travel, concerts, open bars and all access passes. Hibernates Nov-March, unless in Caribbean.

cell Call Brian at 810-772-1539


Jeff Angelosante

Account Executive

Married to Diane. 2 children, Rachel and Colin.

4th generation printer. 40 years in printing, 6 years at Compton.

Enjoys boating, golfing, and bowling. Knows every actor, role, or movie trivia tidbit between the dawn of moving pictures until about 1990.

cell Call Jeff at 248-521-0854


Joe Fetter

Account Executive

Married to Cindy. 3 children, Dominie, Kristina, and Jack.

Joined the Compton Press team in 2012.

Enjoys playing(and watching) golf, hockey, baseball and spending time with his family and friends. Although he likes basically all things Detroit, he also likes to Travel.

cell Call Joe at 734-502-1725


Larry Willis

Account Executive

45 years printing experience. Worked at Compton 1976-1979 started back in 2017.

2 daughters Heather and Lillian

Spending time with family and friends. All Detroit sports teams. Camping, fishing and bbqs.

cell Call Larry at 248-755-6781